In 1995, 2 years after the formation of our society we bought land of about 63 cents (equivalent to 27,442 sqft) in the area, courtesy of a few humanitarians.

The high school building was built in an ‘L’ shaped structure with G+1 construction. In total there are 12 classrooms on each floor and each room can accommodate up to 40 students, so in total around 1000 students can be catered in the existing building.

We do have an opportunity to raise one more floor that would further add 12 more classrooms and enable us to accommodate 500 more students. This project however requires a budget of ₹60 Lakhs. We are waiting for any sponsor to back us up so that we can go ahead with this project.

Turning the ‘L’ shaped structure into a ‘U’ shaped one is our Junior College building which is built adjacent to the school building. The college building is a G+2 structure with the possibility of raising another floor. It has 8 classrooms, 3 labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and 2 labs for computer classes.

Currently, we can provide accommodations for only 300 students, if we were to build 4 more classrooms on the 3rd floor we would be able to cater 150 more students. The estimated cost of construction is ₹28 lakhs so we call for aid to complete this set-up.

As of now, we do not possess any residential facility for our students, InshaAllah soon we would be able to construct a hostel premise once we get adequate financial assistance.