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Infrastructure Financial Support

Alhamdulillah the structural integrity of both school and Junior college is up-to-the standards thanks to our Executive member and Civil engineer Janab T.Mahaboob Peer.   Supervision from such a highly experienced engineer preserved the quality of the construction.

Nevertheless, there’s always a critical need for funds to maintain these buildings periodically. Furthermore, Library, labs, furniture, etc. also require constant replacement and upgrade as well.

Alhamdulillah, our society, and institute have been blessed to have such sympathetic donors like Dr.Mazhar Ali Khan family,  Beyabani family and various other donors whom we have listed in the contributors’ segment.

It’s our heartfelt plea to all those people who have been blessed by Allah SWT with the gift of resources to share a part of it, with those who deserve the most in the community.

Adopt a Child

Currently, we have 50 orphan girls who are pursuing their education in our school and Junior college and whose families are in a dire financial condition.
Fortunately, we have a scheme ‘Adopt a Child’. Under this scheme, we aim to help out each of these eligible candidates by relieving them from school fees. Additionally, they will be provided with books, 3 pairs of uniforms for one year, and monetary support of up to ₹1000/month to the family to take care of nutritional and other basic needs.

For those who are keen to adopt a child will be required to remit an amount of ₹30,000/year to the bank account of the society. We will make sure that the details of the adopted kid like academic performance and stuff like that will be sent to you regularly.

Sponsor a Child

We have another scheme, this one is for those 120 students whose family can barely get by given their financial condition. The parents of these children lack an adequate source of income, for instance, their mother supports their family by working as housemaids while their father is either seasonal/daily wage workers which makes school fees quite daunting.

Under this ‘Sponsor a Child’ scheme you will be supporting these students by paying for their books, school fees, and two pairs of uniforms. That would be the extent of it.

If you are willing then you can sponsor a child by depositing a sum of ₹15,000/year to the bank A/C of the society and earn the Sawab-e-Jaariah as the child settles down in life while looking after their family.




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