Shaheen Group of Institutions

We wanted to provide the best of education to our children hence we got affiliated with Shaheen.

Based in Bidar Karnataka, Shaheen group of institutions have carved out a name for themselves. The level of expertise our students needed to crack the NEET examination came from the Shaheen institute, who has helped more than 1400 students to secure free MBBS seats in the past years.

During the inauguration ceremony of Hazrath Ayesha (RA) Junior College for Girls on 10th March 2019, Janab Dr.Abdul Qadir Sahib, Chairman of Shaheen Group attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest. He has compassionately agreed to affiliate our Junior college with the Shaheen Group of institutions.

As a result, the study materials and online coaching is being provided by Shaheen to our students who have opted for B.P.C. InshaAllah with this guidance and coaching we hope to secure outstanding results in the future NEET exams.

P.A Inamdar Computer Lab

A well-known philanthropist and a great educationist, Dr. P.A Inamdar is the Chairman of Azam Campus Pune, Maharashtra.

Dr. Inamdar made his life’s ambition to address the ‘digital divide’, the gap between the rich and the poor when it comes to the knowledge of computers. As part of this mission, he has established several computer labs across the nation, priority being those schools and institutes that are underprivileged. In that regard, he has provided the necessary financial aid to establish a state-of-the-art computer lab in our institute comprising of 62 computers.

We show our utmost gratitude to him and his team of experts for training our teachers in computer hardware & software repair and troubleshooting, software installation and communications, online teaching, and other various facets of computer education.

Alhamdulillah, by keeping the future in mind we have included computer courses like programming languages in our curriculum for every one of our students.

Fatima Women Empowerment Centre

An empowered woman means an empowered family. With that belief, we started a Tailoring center in 2017 thanks to the monetary contribution of Mr. Abdul Hafiz (Abu Dhabi). Under this program, women of our community have the opportunity to learn the art of tailoring for free of cost.

So far around 550 women have completed their training after spending three months at our center. Alhamdulillah now they have begun to earn a living by preparing garments.

The A.P.S.F.C has provided sewing machines to 153 of our trainees, we also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Janab Imran Sait sahib and his team for facilitating us with the salaries of the trainers for a couple of months.

Sadaf Sanitary Pads

An unhygienic measure during Menstruation is one of the leading causes of ailment among women. So to deal with this we need to instill the habit of using safe sanitary pads among women during menstruation, hence the initiation of Sadaf Sanitary Pads unit.

Poor women in the neighborhood as well as the mothers of our students have access to the sanitary pads at a bare minimum cost.


Built on land measuring 8 cents (equivalent to 3,484 sqft), Masjid-e-Ayesha lies just outside yet adjacent to our school and college’s premises.
Alhamdulillah the mosque can accommodate more than 500 people for Salah as it is a G+2 structure. The land for the mosque was donated by Mohtarima Noorjahan (we pray for her maghfirath) in the name of our society.

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) Career Counseling Centre

The 3 facets of human development are Social, Moral, and Economic development, and to achieve this overall human development education is a must.

This has been our mission and vision for the past 3 decades behind the establishment of our educational institute. During this course of time, we were able to accomplish the first two objectives.
We strengthened the moral fabric of our student community by providing Islamic education, while Modern education helped shape their social presence, by building self-confidence, creating social awareness, and making them aware of their social responsibility.

Now all that remains is the economic development, and to achieve that we need to make certain that our students know about their career opportunities only then we can motivate them to choose the line of work which suits them the best, granted within the framework of Islamic teachings.

One can witness the leadership and academic prowess of our students based on the performance exhibited by them both outside and inside the classrooms.

So our society decided to launch the following programs to help our alumnae achieve this objective.


Gather current data on the social, economic, and academic status of ex-students who completed their education from our institute.


Co-ordination with various government and philanthropic organizations/institutions like Shaheen Group of institutions who share a common progressive goal like ours.


To do our best to provide financial aid to the deserving candidate so that they can achieve the objective.


Manage social media presence by creating a Whatsapp and an Email group so that it would be convenient to share/job-related opportunities that are being launched periodically by Career Academy.


Strive towards the overall development in personality, leadership etiquette, and self-confidence in the students by arranging Seminars and Workshops on Personality Development, Career Guidance Talks by Experts, preparing a calendar for the alumna that includes Motivational Talks on the day to day activities by successful and renowned personalities and Language Skills.

Few other programs like competing in Essay Writing, vocalization, and public speaking, General Knowledge, and the likes of it are also included.




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