About Us
There was a time when Muslims were renowned for their intellectuality and academic prowess. Today the Muslim ummah and the society as a whole have been overwhelmed by the curse of illiteracy. When it comes to education Muslim men have rather easy access to it than Muslim women, the blame for this partly lies on the regressive gender norms of our society.

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” –Al-Tirmidhi 74.

Janab S Khader  Basha

Founder President


Janab Dr. Azmathullah

Founder vice-president

As our beloved Prophet (pbuh) once said a Muslim must seek knowledge even if he/she has to go as far as China. This goes to show the importance of education in Islam.

With such a grim reality of our ummah and the cloud of uncertainty looming over our children’s future, we decided to play our part in bringing the light of ilm (knowledge) into the hearts of our ummah’s daughters and sons. Henceforth by the grace of Allah, we laid the foundation of a society named Madrasatul Haram – The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society in 1993.

All the esteemed members of this society have only one vested interest, to see the betterment of the economically backward members of our community. We have no desire in the financial outcome of running this educational institute or any other welfare activities. Alhamdulillah every member of this society possesses their own source of livelihood.

Why us?

Our collective objective is to provide the best of education to Muslim women, being a service society that is our prime focus. Over here we believe that educating a girl is like educating her entire household.
In the due process, we encourage secular and modern education among girls, while abiding with the norms and principles of Islam.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to sister Deba bint Abdus Salam for donating ₹2.96 Lakhs which were used to sponsor the construction of water bore well as well as to acquire an overhead tank. She is a well-known architect hailing from the UK.

We also like to show our heartfelt gratitude to Janab Caltex Habibullah sahib for providing clothes to around 250 poor students during Ramadan every year and to Jafar Hussain Sahab for providing textbooks to around 100 students every year.

Apart from individual contributions we also remember the plentiful aid which the society received in the initial days from illustrious organizations like Nizam’s Charitable Trust Hyderabad, and M/S Himalaya Drug Company Bangalore.

We pray that Allah SWT accept the contributions of every benefactor who were part of our journey in making Hazrath Ayesha Group as one of the best institutions in the town. Ameen Summa Ameen.

Some other revered supporters of this institute are as follows:

  • Janab Late MD. Nazeer Ahmed & Friends, Kuwait.
  • Janab Muhammad, Janab Syed Usman and Janab Abdul Khader, Mumbai.
  • Janab Dr.M.Mazhar Ali Khan & family
  • Janab Dr.M.Afzal Ali Khan & Late Mohtarima Dr.Ryhana Bathul, U.K
  • Janab Imran Sait Sahib, Chennai.
  • Janab Irshad Ahmed Kaka sahib, Chennai.
  • Janab M.Aejaz Ali Khan, Chennai
  • Janab Dr Imamuddin Sahib, Chennai.
  • Janab Ishtiaq Ahmed, Chairman, Shakti Diagnostic Center, Kadapa.
  • Janab Dr S Mahaboob Peer, Childers’s Specialist.
  • Janab Azmatullah Beyabani, Hyderabad.
  • Janab Muhammad Ghouse, Al Ain, K.S.A.
  • Janab Imtiaz Ahmed, Abu Dhabi.
  • Janab Masood Akthar, Janab Shaik Ahmed and Friends, AIWA, K.S.A.
  • Late Mohtarima Badrunnisa.
  • Late Janab Ghouse Mohiddin.
  • Janab Habibullah Khan Family.
  • Late Janab Ali (Allabaksh), Kuwait.
  • Dr Murad Sha and Dr Feroze Begum, Tirupati.
  • Mohatarima Sajida Khatoon W/o. Late Prof. Mohammad Anwarullah ‘Anwar’.