Hazrath Ayesha Educational Institutions

Hazrath Ayesha Educational Institutions

Hazrath Ayesha Educational Institutions

Hazrath Ayesha Educational Institutions

There was a time when Muslims were renowned for their intellectuality and academic prowess. Today the Muslim ummah and the society as a whole have been overwhelmed by the curse of illiteracy. When it comes to education Muslim men have rather easy access to it than Muslim women, the blame for this partly lies on the regressive gender norms of our society.

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” –Al-Tirmidhi 74.

As our beloved Prophet (pbuh) once said a Muslim must seek knowledge even if he/she has to go as far as China. This goes to show the importance of education in Islam.

Inauguration of HACA



Our Mission

Our mission is to break the economic barrier and make it possible for every girl of the ummah to have the education which they deserve, even if it means bringing the education to the doorsteps of these very people who have been relegated due to the economic and social constraints.

Our Vision

We wish to eradicate the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy from our community by bringing in moral, ethical, philosophical, societal, academic, monetary, and scientific development all the while preserving the virtues and essence of Islam


In 1995, 2 years after the formation of our society we bought land of about 63 cents (equivalent to 27,442 sqft) in the area, courtesy of a few humanitarians. The high school building was built in an ‘L’ shaped structure with G+1 construction. In total there are 12 classrooms on each floor and each room can accommodate up to 40 students, so in total around 1000 students can be catered in the existing building. We do have an opportunity to raise one more floor that would further add 12 more classrooms and enable us to accommodate 500 more students. This project however requires a budget of ₹60 Lakhs. We are waiting for any sponsor to back us up so that we can go ahead with this project.


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